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Specials Second Floor Patio Balcony design ideas

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I have post about Best Decks and Patios Design for Perfect Outdoor Gathering Spots in previously article , but never yet post about second floor patio design, so that today I want to post about the Special Second Floor Balcony Decoration as an inspiration for everyone who need ideas to designing their second floor porch. Here I show you an expansive patio which is offers ample space to host an outdoor gathering, and the seating furniture is arranged in two conversation pits. Each sitting area features a dark rattan-look loveseat with a pair of matching chairs and a glass-topped coffee table. The chairs feature thick, comfortable white cushions and the tables are each topped with three silver candle-filled lanterns. Looking past the white picket railing gives an amazing view. The patio extends the full width of the house, with the beadboard ceiling painted a very light shade of blue. I really likes this second floor Balcony design, and I hope you like it too, if you need more information about it, please visit HGTV site here

Balcony dark rattan-look furniture Decoration

Second Floor Balcony white picket railing design

Balcony ceiling Light blue paint

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