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Sustainable Modular House design in Italy by Studio Aisslinger

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Sustainable Modular House design

This new modular, sustainable and transportable low energy house is designed by German company Studio Aisslinger. Named “Fincube”, this interesting and sustainable architecture project house was built at an altitude of 1200 meters near Bozen, northern Italy. Built entirely of local wood, the building provides 47 sqm of living space with a minimal CO2 footprint this modular house is similar to the living space of a small apartment. Sustainable design plan implies a low energy consumption, minimal material-orientated, and in close touch with nature. The wooden space with a 360-degree triple glazing is furnished with a second facade layer, producing shade and giving the building a unique overall mushroom-like monoshape. The horizontal ledges give privacy to the ‘fincube’ and embed the building into forests, meadows, mountain sides or any nature resorts.

Small Sustainable House design in Italy by Studio AisslingerSmall Sustainable House design in Italy

This modular house supporting structure is made of local larch and the interior is a combination of larch and stone-pine. The 3m-high space is organized in a helical structure: the entrance area blends into a generous open kitchen with an adjacent sofa living space, around the corner one enters, the bedroom and further down is the spacious bathroom. Sure, this is not the easiest process, but it can be done.

Modular Fincube House design in Italy by Studio AisslingerModular Fincube House design by Studio Aisslinger

Cube House design in Italy by Studio AisslingerCube House design by Studio Aisslinger

Modular Fincube House interior design in Italy by Studio AisslingerModular Fincube House interior design

Sustainable Modular House interior design in Italy by Studio AisslingerSustainable Modular House interior design

Italy Sustainable House design by Studio AisslingerItaly Sustainable House design

Fincube House Architecture in Italy by Studio AisslingerFincube House Architecture in Italy

interesting and sustainable architecture projectInteresting and Sustainable Architecture Project

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