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Japanese small Cottage design by Architect Toyo Ito

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Japanese small Cottage design

Located in Yamanashi, Japan, this 624 sq. ft. contemporary Aluminium Cottage was designed by local japanese architecture firm, Toyo Ito & Associates. This prefab cottage has a very interesting Japanese small home design ideas, uses a stark contrast between cold and warmth; a cool metal facade and its welcoming, woody interior. This Metal clad house with wood interior is cozy but utilizes all useable space efficiently thanks to the integration of a loft and the space saving layout in a way that Japanese architects seem to do so best. From the exterior, the steel house features metal panels cladding its walls and roof, with wide expanses of sliding glass blur the boundary between indoors and out. Interiors, this small home design is replete with wood, honey toned in the warm and abundant sunlight. The two-storey home features an upstairs loft overlooking the main-floor open concept house plan.

wood interior of Japanese small Cottage by Architect Toyo ItoWood interior of Japanese small Cottage

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Japanese small Cottage woody interior by Architect Toyo ItoJapanese small Cottage woody interior design

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Prefab cottage designed by Japanese architect Toyo ItoPrefab cottage design

Aluminium Cottage designed by Japanese architect Toyo ItoAluminium Cottage design

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